Black Mold Nearly Kills Famous Rocker’s Wife

If You have Mold In Your Home, This Article is a Must-Read: Black Mold Can Kill


The story begins in a 5,000 square foot family home outside of Detroit, Michigan:


Black mold nearly kills rocker Ted Nuggent’s wife. 

About 15-years ago, the couple decided to move from their Michigan home. Shemane Nuggent went from being a healthy, active woman and former fitness instructor to having trouble walking up the stairs without a Herculean effort. 

Just after being named Detroit’s Most Physical Female, she was struck with debilitating migraines and chronic fatigue. 

Ted began to have the same symptoms. 

Toxic Black Mold in the Walls

After the couple’s health continued to decline, and their symptoms began to mimic those of heart disease, a doctor suggested they look inside their home for the cause of the problem. 

The Nugents had the home tested and found that there was black mold growing in their walls.

Mold Health Effects

Some of the many ways that mold in your home can effect your health.

The black mold’s spores were getting into the air conditioning and heating vents and circulating through the air. 

Four types of black mold were found in the couple’s bloodstream. 

After the couple moved to a new home, their symptoms slowly disappeared and their health improved. 

Black Mold in Your Basement Can Be Lethal

If you have mold of any kind in your basement, crawl space, or elsewhere in your home, do not wait to have it removed. 

All mold is toxic, and black mold is especially hazardous – it can be lethal to pets, children, the elderly and if exposed long enough, health adults. 

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