When Is the Best Time to Repair Your Foundation?

Need to Fix Your Home’s Foundation? Fall is the Best Time to Make Repairs


As fall approaches the Philadelphia area, it is a great time to fix those cracks in your foundation.

Summer’s high heat and humidity can really take a toll on your basement and foundation walls. The humidity and summer rains cause the soil around your home to expand, and when this happens a lot of pressure is put on your foundation.

  • Cracks form and soon water begins to seep in, causing massive structural damages.


Then, winter comes rolling in..if the last few winters are any indication, the temperatures will be extremely cold and with a lot of rain and snow. Cherry Hilly NJ got over 20″ of snow in the winter of 2013 – 2014…

Philadelphia got lightly more. Areas north of Philly like Harrisburg go much more. Same with most of South Jersey.

It’s only gotten worse since… winter of 2018-2019 has seen significant snow… not to mention several inches of rain.

Rebuilding foundation wall

Partially rebuilt foundation and basement wall.

And, there were several nights where temperatures dipped below 0.

This can cause huge problems for your foundation!

Why Fall is Best

The fall season in the Philadelphia area has gotten shorter, but, it still gives us about 8 weeks of very mild weather.

  • This is the best time to waterproof and have your foundation repaired because there is little chance of snow fall, and it is often a dry part of the year. No rain gives your yard a chance to recover and allows us to fix your foundation.


How We Can Help You

Whether your foundation has small cracks or is in serious need of repairs, we can help you.


  • We will stop the cracks by dealing with the drainage problems (better drainage, extending downspouts, adding exterior water management systems, even installing window well drains)
  • If the crack has begun to separate, we can stop it cold (our Steel Plate technique is a
  • sure-fire way of stopping the cracks from spreading – no other company does this!)
  • We go far beyond simple epoxy and carbon fiber repairs (don’t trust an epoxy gel to stop a foundation with thousands of pounds of pressure on it from continuing to get worse)
  • You Get a Free Estimate (our inspectors will give you a Free Inspection and will detail how we’ll fix your foundation)


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We offer brick, stone, poured concrete and cinder block foundation repair in the Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Easton, York, West Chester and greater Philadelphia areas. We also cover Trenton, Cherry Hill, Saddle River, Newark, and all of NJ and Delaware.


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