Best Pick Reports Basement Waterproofing Reviews

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“I’m a widow and my husband had an addition put on the house and the contractor that put it in connected the wrong pipes. For the last eleven years, I’ve been getting water in my basement but never had any idea what it was.

The waterproofing men came out. There were some of the men, they were very kind to me and very, very helpful.

We did the perimeter of the whole basement and then that didn’t do it. They came back and did kind of down the middle of the basement to where the pipe is that holds the house, the foundation up. And that didn’t do it. They had said maybe we should take the outside cellar steps and look under there.

The pipe had finally broken and it was pouring in there like a waterfall. They solved that for me. They took the steps out and I’m very pleased with their work.

I’d give them an A. I had one group that was here, they didn’t know what they were supposed to be doing.

The gentleman that I talked to all the time, he should get the A+. His name is Jeff. He came out here several times, he made sure the work was done right, and that I got done what I needed to have done. I would recommend them. I cannot express my appreciation for Jeff. Jeff Johnson is his name.”

Best Pick Reports Basement Waterproofing Reviews

I’ve Already Recommended Them to Several of My Neighbors

“So far I haven’t had any water issues. I did have a slight issue but they did come right back out and respond to it. I’d have to give them an A. I tell you, the work crew, they were excellent. Those guys worked really hard. They really got a lot done in the timeframe they said. They didn’t drag the job out.

They totally cleaned everything up. I had no issues. I’ve already recommended them to several of my neighbors.”

Best Pick Reports Reviews

Need Help With your Wet Basement, Cracked Foundation, Or Crawl Space Flooding?

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As you can see from the reviews above, when we fix your basement, we do it right. If there are any issues, we strive to correct them as soon as possible, so you can feel safe choosing the best reviewed basement waterproofing company in the PA, NJ, and Delaware region

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