Best Pick Reports Award Winner

Basement Waterproofing Specialists, 2016 Best Pick Reports Award Winner


We are proud to announce that we have received the 2016 Best Pick Award from the prestigious, independent research group.

Best pick Report Award WinnerWe’d like to thank all of you who voted for our family’s company. The award is given based 100% on independent, organically researched reviews from home owners.

The award was first given in 1997, when the company solicited door-to-door reviews from home owners. Since then, they’ve grown into one of the largest, most well-respected review sites in the U.S.


From the site:

Best Pick Reports is a free, annual guide that features independently researched and recommended local home service providers. With Best Pick Reports, you receive free, objective, third-party data that enables you to identify top-quality companies servicing your neighborhood.

Since 1997, the Best Pick Reports team has conducted consumer satisfaction research to evaluate and document the performance of home service providers in dozens of service categories, such as Plumbing, Roofing, and Pest Control. Companies that qualify for Best Pick Certification are invited to promote their designation by being featured in the Best Pick Reports guide, on, and in the Best Pick Mobile App. Inclusion in Best Pick Reports is by invitation alone, and that invitation is extended only if a company has met our strict qualifying criteria. After accepting our invitation, companies pay a listing fee, which allows us to distribute our publication at no cost to homeowners. The extensive research process behind each annual publication makes Best Pick Reports the most reliable resource for finding reputable home service companies in your area.


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