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Why Basement Waterproofing Systems Are Not a One-Size-Fits-All Solution


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Before Basement Waterproofing: Water on the floor, wet spots on the walls, structural damage.

Basement water problems are common in the NJ, PA and DE areas. After a day or two of heavy rain your basement may start to spring a few leaks.

Water trickles down the wall, through the floor, near pipes or windows or just plain pours in through cracks in the walls and floods your basement.

The problem is, unfortunately, that many companies try to sell a cheap, generic solution to those water problems. It looks good on paper because the estimate is lower than everyone else…


But, the best basement waterproofing systems:


  • Use the best, high-quality materials what will not corrode or break down after a few rain storms
  • Last for the lifetime of the structure. Cheap imitations break down quickly and the water, flooding or mold problems in your basement come back even worse
  • Adapt to your specific problem. Waterproofing is not a one-size-fits-all fix. The system must be adapted to your home, your problem, your basement


Take, for example, the case of Jude and Betty from Ardmore, PA.

We put in a waterproofing and drainage system in their home, but, because of the basement’s lay out, we needed to make adjustments so that the water could not find it’s way in around those tiny spaces near a radon pipe.

The changes resulted in a dry, flood-free basement:


I wanted to email to let you know that Jude and I are very pleased with the work that was done to our home.

The work that was done the first time was fine, but just had some kinks. The perimeter that was jack hammered was done extremely well.

We had a few heavy rain falls and we noticed that there was water coming in from the radon pipe. Also, water was coming in from the 2 exterior openings where the PVC piping goes out from our home. It was just overlooked but sealed right away when the problem was found by your inspector, Mark.

I called and emailed about the problems and Mark came out promptly. He immediately sealed the openings. We thought that the water was leaking from the radon pip was coming from the fan pulling the rain water up, so they re-cemented that area. Later, after another rainfall, we realized that didn’t work.


  • Mark was called and he rushed over here only to notice that water was leaking from the radon pipe. He realized that he had to break up that corner area and replace the radon pipe, then re-cement that area.

Chris and Mike came over to complete the job. I was so extremely happy to see the professionalism that they showed. They went over EVERYTHING that was done to make sure it was all rock solid.

They made us feel at ease, so happy with their knowledge and concern that they showed. They really cared about the customer and their company. That really speaks volumes about your organization.

We didn’t want to send emails that were only negative. We wanted to let you know how happy and extremely satisfied we are with the crew that you have and on how you handle any situation that comes to you. Thank you, thank you!

Jude and Betty Nascimento


What is the Best Basement Waterproofing System For Your Home?

Remember, your home and your basement have water, mold or structural problems that are unique. Avoid going with a generic, cheap, ineffective system!

We can offer you:


  • One of our 14+ types of waterproofing, drainage and foundation repair systems
  • Make the necessary adjustments so that your basement remains dry and mold-free
  • Free Inspections, Estimates and Financing are Available to You


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