Benefits of Adding an Outside Entrance to Your Basement

Want to Maximize Your Basement’s Living Space? Adding an Outside Door is Key


Here are 7 ways you can benefit from putting in an outside door (or walkout) on your basement:

1. Adding outside doors to your basement is a great way to open it up and allow you to use it as livable space

Your basement is a whole extra floor that you can utilize as living (and storage) space. Many homeowners in the NJ, DE, and PA areas have turned their cellars into play rooms for the kids, entertainment areas, home gyms, home offices, and more.

But, if you plan on using the basement as a living area, you’ll need to put in an outside entrance for safety, and to satisfy your local municipal codes.


2. Doors brighten up the basement and lower level of your home by allowing light to pour in

Making the basement feel more like part of your home and less like a dark cellar


3. Convert the basement into a full living space

Allowing outside access is a great way to use the cellar as an apartment.


Most building codes specify that all living spaces need to have at least one door, for fire-safety reasons.

It also allows you to rent the space without having to have your renter come in and out through the main home.

outside basement entrance

4.Create a “mudroom” or entry way for pets on those rainy, muddy days (without dirt and mud being tracked through your house)


5. Easy, private entry to your finished basement

Did you remodel or finish the basement?

Do you use it as an office, gym, or entertainment room?

Then adding an entry way makes going in and out super convenient.


6. Easy draining/pumping in case of floods

We make sure your basement is waterproofed, but in case of extreme weather emergencies (like Hurricane Sandy), it’s a huge plus to be able to pump the flood water out of the door, rather than going through the windows.


7. Its Easy!!

Let us handle the door installation.

We can do the digging (if needed) and even put a door into the existing concrete, stone, brick or cinder block foundation.

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