Why is My Basement Wet in the Winter 1

Has The Cold Winter’s Rain and Snow Brought You a Damp, Wet, Flooded Basement?


Many home owners equate having a wet basement with the spring or summer. Basements seem to flood more often during these times.

But, you may have noticed that your basement is getting wet and damp even in the winter.


“Why is My Basement Wet in the Winter?”

This may surprise you, but, even during the coldest months in the Philadelphia region, the humidity is high. We don’t feel it because of how cold it is, but, when it rains or snows (or the few days before and after) the humidity can be upwards of 90%!

This means that your basement will start to “sweat” and leak.

The same issue that causes your cellar to flood in the warm weather causes the problems in winter:


  • Step Foundation Crack

    Step Crack in the Foundation

    Poor drainage

  • Soil with poor drainage
  • Soil that expands when wet and with temperature changes


The ground freezes in January and February. But, we get the occasional warm (above 40-degree) day.

The ground around your home, which is frozen and full of water from rain and snow, defrosts and expands.

This puts pressure on your foundation and basement walls, causing cracks. If you already have cracks, the pressure will push water into your basement walls.

Before long, you have a wet, damp, and flooded basement.

Horizontal Foundation Crack

Wide Horizontal Crack


  • This also sets up a dangerous situation when the weather warms because all of that moisture is a breeding ground for dangerous mold.


How We Can Help You:

  • Your basement is waterproofed so that water can not get inside, no matter what season it is
  • Any mold is found and destroyed
  • Your water problem is fixed on the inside and out. Many companies only work on the inside of the basement but this is missing more than half of the problem. We waterproof inside and out
  • Superior drainage is installed so that water doesn’t give your home any problems
  • You get a Free Estimate and In-House Financing is Available


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