Why Is My Basement Wet in the Summer?

Is Your Basement Constantly Wet, Damp and Musty in the Summer?


In the Philadelphia region, including New Jersey, Delaware and all of the North East, the summer brings thoughts of the beach, BBQs, and kids playing outside. But, that heat and humidity can also have disastrous effect on your basement.




Many home owners in the Philadelphia region equate wet, damp basements with the fall and winter. But, the summer is actually the worst time for your cellar.

Why is my basement wet in the summer? Waterproofing can help. This is because of the extreme heat and humidity that blankets the area from June until the end of September. The heat and humidity cause the ground to expand and contract (when it cools off at night then heats up during the day, the soil around your how will swell and then get smaller).

This combines with rain to cause a wet mess around the foundation of your home.

As you probably know from living in the Philly area, rain tends to come in big storms in the summer.

So, while it may be dry for a week or two, a good, strong storm will move in and saturate the ground. All of that water has to go somewhere, and unfortunately in Philly and New Jersey especially, homes are built on clay soils.


Clay has absolutely horrible drainage. The water gets into the ground around your home and gets stuck in the clay. The soil then sells and contracts, putting pressure on your foundation and basement walls and floor.

Why Is My Basement Wet in the Summer?

Pressure = Water Problems

The pressure will start to cause small cracks on the outside wall of your basement (or under your floor). Once the cracks start, small amounts of water get inside the walls.

From there ,they eat away at the walls, eventually getting inside of your basement.


  • This is why your cellar seems wet and damp all the time.
  • This leads to mold growth and can cause big time foundation problems.
  • The long periods of high humidity combined with heavy summer rain storms contributes to the water problems in your yard and basement

How to Fix the Problem


The easiest, safest and most cost effective way to fix this dampness problem is to have it inspected by a professional.

Many times, the problem is in the early stages and can be fixed quickly and affordably.

If you wait till you start to see cracks on the inside, then the problem becomes worse. Make sure you have the problem addressed ASAP!


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