What is Basement Waterproofing

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Have a Wet, Damp Basement That Floods When It Rains? Is Basement Waterproofing Right for Your Home?

If you are like most home owners in the greater Philadelphia area (NJ, PA, DE), your basement has either leaked, flooded, gotten damp or grown mold at some point. When it rains or snows your cellar becomes a wet mess…

Many in the Philadelphia area just accept this as part of living in the area.

But, it does not have to be this way!


What is Basement Waterproofing

With these basement problems, you may have been told that you need to have your basement waterproofed. Supposedly, it can stop the flooding, dampness, mold and leaks.

But, just what is waterproofing?


Water Management – Water is the source of all life. It’s healthy and essential. But, too much of it in your yard. Excess water seeps into the ground around your house. It combines with the soil and causes it to expand.


Before basement waterproofing – wet walls, mold, damaged walls.

The expansion puts pressure on the walls of your basement and foundation. The pressure causes cracks, which allow water to seep into the walls.

Over time, the water builds up inside your basement walls, weakening them and allowing water to get inside of your crawl space or basement.


By managing water, our waterproofing systems keep that water away from your house so that it can’t cause damage.


Foundation Repair – Often, waterproofing involves fixing the cracks in your home’s foundation. The pressure that caused the cracks is relieved first, then the cracks are repaired.

And, they walls are often braced so that they can withstand any pressure that comes in the future.


After basement waterproofing.

Mold Removal – If mold has grown as a result of your basement water issues, we will remove that as well. Mold can have extremely bad health effects on you and your family.

Waterproofing and mold removal at the same time is a unique service that we provide for you.


Fixing the Soil – Usually, when a contractor builds a home, they simply dump the dirt back in around your foundation. They may tamp down the top few feet, but this does nothing to prevent air pockets from forming.

Sometimes it is necessary to re-fill that trench, tamping the dirt down every few feet. This cuts down on air pockets drastically.

When air pockets fill with water, they further the expansion of the soil and put even more pressure on your foundation. Eliminating them helps keep the pressure off and also helps your drainage system work better.




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