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Do You Need Basement Waterproofing in York PA?


Is your basement flooding or constantly getting wet and moldy?

Does your basement flood when it rains for more than a few hours?


We can help…

After recently being called out to help a home owner de-flood and waterproof their basement in York PA, we decided to expand and service the area full-time.

Top rating on Angies List for Basement Waterproofing SpecialistsSo, if your basement has problems when it rains (anything from leaking basement walls or floor to full fledged flooding when it rains or snows), we can help you fix it, fast. We also clean out the basement before and after the job so that it remains dry and clutter-free.


Why Does My Basement Flood?

There are several reasons that your basement can have water issues and flooding:

  • Water penetrating the basement wall (water gets in from the outside and can get inside the walls, weakening the stone or cement, leading to flooding)
  • Water can enter around the windows or doors in the cellar (it only takes a pin-sized opening to allow water to get into your home)

Infographic of Basement Waterproofing

May of the homes in the York area have all three problems. The town is prone to flooding because the water table can become overwhelmed when it rains for several days in a row.

All of that water saturates the ground, causes it to expand, the swollen ground puts pressure on your foundation and before you know it, water is getting in the basement.


How We Fix Your Basement

  • Structural Repair (strengthening the foundation will help it withstand the pressure from expanded soil, stopping cracks from forming)
  • Crack and Hole Repair (any cracks or holes in the floor or walls will be fixed and we will stop them from spreading)
  • Better Drainage (yard drains, footer drains, driveway drains, cellar drains – anything that will keep water away from your basement and foundation will be used to keep your basement dry and foundation strong)

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