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Angie’s List Review of Our Basement Waterproofing Services in York PA

Check out what Amber Smith of York PA had to say about her experience with our waterproofing and foundation repair work:

Basement Waterproofing York PA Review:

They repaired cracks in foundation walls, reinforced foundation wall, installed pressure relief system around entire basement, installed 2nd sump pump and under pinned the footing.
Mark (the certified inspector) came by to originally give us an estimate on getting our basement floor epoxy painted for aesthetic reasons.   After inspecting our basement, indicated to us that he would suggest we not get the basement floor done but concentrate on fixing the pressure issue that was causing the cracking of our floor and walls by installing a pressure relief system.  He took a lot of time with us explaining what was happening in our basement due to the underground springs in our area pushing on our walls.  He also explained how the builder should have built our basement and home to prevent such cracking as was happening. 
He detailed what needed to be done and how it would be done if we decided to go forward.  (This was the second person who mentioned the problem and being that he also does home inspections we knew what he was telling us needed to be taken care of.) 
He worked with us on the pricing and completed all of the paperwork with us present (no fine lines or writing needed to worry about).
The team of guys came to work on our home promptly the following Monday and worked for two days straight (it seemed like) to complete the job.  They were professional and even though they had to jack hammer around the entire basement floor and then
put in stones and then cement, the result was cleaner than I expected. 
Very little dirt left over when they were done. 
BWS was easy to work with and we are glad we had the work done!
Our basement can now be finished for additional home enjoyment in the future which was not a possibility previously.


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