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Is Your Basement Wet, Damp, or Flooding When It Rains?

Spring rain storms are bringing some water problems to the basements of the Greater Philadelphia area. In Willow Grove PA we recently had to help out a great couple who were having a near-constant water issue in the basement.


Every time it rained, even a little, the basement would flood.

  • Sometimes it was just a little water, but, if the rain was heavy or rain followed a snow day, then the water could reach 2 – 4″ in their cellar.


Obviously, this is not good.

  • Water can damage the walls, the foundation, your furniture, anything you have stored in the basement, cause mold growth, and, if you use the basement as a living space, can get into wall sockets and destroy your home’s electrical system, even causing fire.


In towns like Willow Grove and many other suburbs of Philadelphia, the problem is compounded by new housing developments which cause the drainage systems of the town to become overwhelmed.


  • Plus, the excess snow from this brutal winter combined with spring rain and backed-up drainage, can cause the water table to rise. This is bad news for all home owners.

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How We Helped Fix the Problem: Basement Waterproofing Willow Grove PA

Their home was being over run with water. The basement was leaking and their foundation was starting to weaken.

The problem is that as these issues continue, the foundation continues to weaken and more water will get in (this is why it’s important to fix any water problems early)

Since they had problems with the walls leaking (which means they also had water inside the basement walls), we:


  • Replaced the dirt around the foundation, this time tamping it down ever two feet so that no air pockets would form (air pockets fill with water, expand, and then push into the foundation, causing cracks and water problems)
  • Finally, we were able to fix the cracks on the inside of the basement, and made sure that no water could get into the basement anymore



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