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This last year has been tough on Chester County.


Places like Exton, West Chester and the surrounding areas were hit with snow and heavy spring rain storms.

Now the winter is dumping a ton of rain on the area, so the basements in this area are under attack near-constantly. 

We were recently called out to help save a West Chester basement from being destroyed by flooding. The house’s yard was at the base of a small hill. The excess water caused by the melted snow and rain overpowered the yard, causing expansion of the soil and cracks in the foundation.

Water started to trickle in at first. But, as the winter got worse, the water started to pour in every time there was even a little rain or snow.

We were able to stop it by:


  • Setting up a drainage system that channels water from the hill away from the home
  • The drainage system also moved excess rain or snow water off of the property (this takes the pressure on the home’s foundation)
  • Bracing the outside walls of the basement (this stops the cracks and prevents new ones from forming)
  • Installed a footer drain inside the basement wall (water inside the walls is dangerous, a footer drain keeps water from out of the basement walls)
  • We also fixed the cracks on the inside of the basement


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