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Has the Basement of Your Vineland Area Home Started to Experience Water Damages?


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Does your basement or crawl space have:


  • White Streaks on Your Basement Walls
  • Cracks in Your Basement Walls or Floor
  • Flooding or Water Getting into Your Cellar Whenever It Rains or Snows
  • Musty Odor
  • Mold On the Walls, Floor, Around Windows, Doors or Anywhere Else in Your Basement

If so, you are experiencing water problems.

What Causes These Problems?

Vineland and the surrounding towns are a mix of very old homes and brand new developments. This combo can lead to drainage issues. Add to that irrigation run off from some of the big farms in the area, and water will soon be pushing it’s way into your basement.

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When it rains or there is a lot of snow (as there was in Winter of 2014), the water goes into the ground around your home.

If the soil has poor drainage (almost all south Jersey homes are built on clay soil, which have terrible drainage), then the water will cause the ground to expand.

Water finds it’s way into small air pockets around your foundation (caused by the contractor not thoroughly tamping down the dirt after they completed your basement). The water fills these pockets, soaks the clay, then causes soil expansion.
This expanding puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your home’s foundation walls and floor.


  • Cracks start to happen in the outside walls of the basement
  • Water gets into the basement walls, weakening the base of the walls (water can destroy even the strongest of cement, concrete, stone and brick foundations)
  • Cracks then develop on the inside walls, then water gets into your home


How Can We Protect Your Vineland Area Home?

We can help your home by:

  • Improving drainage (better drainage = less water in the ground around your home, which means no pressure on the foundation walls)
  • Repairing crack (on the inside and outside of the basement, this is key!)
  • Fixing the soil around your home so that water can not cause expansion
  • Removing mold and it’s spores (mold is extremely unhealthy and can really harm your family and pets)


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