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How Waterproofing the Basement of Your Trenton Home Can Save Your House from Major Damages


Just like it did for this woman’s Trenton area home…


Jill’s basement flooded once a few years ago. A friend told her to just clean out her gutters and put in a sump pump…this would stop the problem from ever happening again.


  • She did this then went on to storing a ton of stuff in her basement. Boxes of tax papers, work files, picture albums, clothes, etc. 

 Then, a short 3 months later, her basement flooded. The sump pump was overwhelmed (pumps help with excess water, they’re not designed to prevent flooding).

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What Happened?

For a few months, the weather in Trenton was nice. It was late spring and cool, but dry.

Then the rain came in buckets….

All it took was a 2 day rain storm to flood her basement. Because it had never been waterproofed and the reason why water was getting in was never addressed, it caused:


  • Loss of her stored (important and irreplaceable) stuff
  • Structural damage (her foundation cracked and allowed water to pour in)
  • Mold growth (water and dampness lead to mold which is extremely unhealthy)


How Basement Waterproofing Can Help You


To fix Jill’s home, we had to address the cause of the problem: too much water was being allowed to sit in the soil around her home.

While cleaning the gutters is a good preventive step to take, it’s only a small part of the equation.


  • Especially in an area like Trenton where the rain and snow can come in hard off the riverand it’s close enough to the shore to get part of storms that come in off the ocean as well. 

Basement waterproofing is not, despite what many DIY sites claim, as simple as slapping some “waterproofing paint” on  your basement walls and floor. 


Basement Waterproofing Specialists Awards

Basement Waterproofing Specialists NJ Awards

If done properly, waterproofing will remove the threat of flooding and foundation problems from your home because it addresses the real issue:


  • Excess water from rain, snow and irrigation get into the soil around your home, causing the ground to expand
  • This expansion puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your home’s foundation
  • A full size basement can be under 15,000lbs of pressure per cubic foot of wall when it rains!
  • That pressure leads to cracks in the outside wall, water penetrates through the cracks, fills your basement wall, weakens the foundation and makes cracks on the inside wall.
  • Now, when it rains, your basement floods and more damage is done to your foundation
  • Our waterproofing will install better drainage, strengthen the foundation walls, and fix any cracks in your foundation.

This will keep your Trenton area home dry and free from flooding, mold and foundation damages. And, you can get a free estimate below: 


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