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How to Rid Your Basement of Dangerous Mold, Repair Foundation Damage, and Keep Your Basement Safe and Dry with Basement Waterproofing for Your Toms River NJ Home


Toms River tends to get hit hard with basement water problems. Most homes are built on clay soil, which has poor drainage. This leads to water pooling in the yard, draining slowly, then causing the ground around your home to swell. 

This expansion puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your foundation walls. 

That pressure leads to tiny cracks forming on the outside of your foundation and basement walls. Now, you won’t see these at first because they begin underground. 

However, it won’t take long for the warning signs to appear:


  • Damp spots on your cellar walls or floor
  • White streaks along the walls (sign of hazardous mold growth)
  • Water in your basement
  • Cracks forming on the inside of your basement walls
  • Cracks along the foundation, above the soil
Step Foundation Crack

Step Crack in the Foundation of This Toms River NJ Home

How to Keep Mold and Water Out of Your Basement + Keep Your Home’s Foundation Strong

The first thing you need to do to keep your basement dry and mold free is to stop the water problems at their source. 

This is often a drainage issue, however every home is unique. 

Your basement and foundation will require a highly specific solution to your cellar’s unique issues. 

We offer 14 diverse levels of basement waterproofing and drainage systems. 

This allows us to customize the solution to your home. 

We’ve performed dozens of jobs in Toms River and along the Jersey Shore and are specialists in dealing with the special challenges that sea-side homes have with drainage, water problems, basement flooding, and foundation cracks. 

Step 1, give us a call for a 100% Free basement inspection 800-700-9171

Our expert inspectors will examine every inch of your cellar, foundation, craw space, and the area round your home that needs the most help with drainage. 

You can be sure that they’ll find the fastest, easiest, most avoidable solution for your home:


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