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Brad for Norristown, PA was having flooding problems in his basement, and the recent snow storm was not helping matters. Water was pouring in from a problem area. Here’s what Brad had to say about our basement waterproofing and drainage services on Yelp.

Basement Waterproofing Specialists Yelp Review

– Reasonable Prices
– Responsive and Timely
– Knowledgeable
– Guaranteed Work

I’ve been in my house for about five years at this point.  Moving in, we had an idea there would be water problems, as there was a ridiculous amount of mold along the walls.  It was a bank-owned property; prior to the sale, the bank had the walls torn out and replaced, but the root of the issue was not addressed.

Basement Waterproofing Specialist AwardI originally had Basement Waterproofing Specialists do work in the spring of 2013 following an especially snowy winter and a quick thaw that led to a crazy amount of ground water seeping into my partially finished basement.  The guy who did the initial walk-through knew his stuff and quickly identified ways they could address the problem and even noticed a quirk in my basement they could fix along the way.  (I had a pipe coming from the wall with no apparent purpose other than to allow rain water to pour in….weird.  They were able to tie the pipe into the installed drainage system.)  

He was thorough in his explanation and made sure I understood how their installations worked and what to expect when the work would be done.

A small room that houses my washer/dryer was one of the pain points in the basement – when they jackhammered the area it was like a spring running through; the volume of water that was gushing out was unbelievable.  No one, including the BWS folks, anticipated this much water.

The past couple of years we had no problems, but – again – this year following the blizzard and quick thaw, some water crept back into that washer/dryer room up through a drain I’d asked they leave in place for the Basement Waterproofing Specialists Home Advisor award. occasion the washer flood or something of the sort.  Fortunately, this was the only room impacted – no water in any other area.  The soil around my house is like a thick red clay, this had clogged up the smaller drainage pipe and up came the water.

I called BWS to report the issue.  They sent a guy out the next day to evaluate the problem and a couple days later they were out, jackhammering the floor again to to install additional drainage piping and a cleanout to flush the soil should it become a problem again.  This latest work was done under their guarantee — no pushback, no attempts at charging me for anything.  It’s been a couple weeks now, a few days of rain and snow since, with the ground still saturated outside, and no sight of water.

I thought, following this last round of work – considering how quickly they fixed the problem and lived up to their initial talk of “guaranteeing their work” – I owed them a positive review.

Overall, very pleased with their work.

Other thoughts:

– From the work done in 2013 — waterproofing basement, later on installing a water storage basin for all the sump-pumped water to go to — through this most recent round of work in 2016 — I’ve had perhaps 10 occasions to call to discuss details of work required.  Each time I’ve either gotten someone right away, gotten a call back the same day, and where warranted, had someone come out to review any issues and address questions with me.

Both Jeff and Scott have been extremely helpful in addressing my questions and concerns timely and adequately.

I would absolutely recommend Basement Waterproofing Specialists to friends and family alike with no reservation whatsoever.

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