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Wet, Leaky Basement? Waterproofing Can Help

Our Technical Analysis Inspectors will evaluate your home’s water problem using a logical, deductive approach. In a perfect world, you want to stop the water from coming into your basement.

Broken gutters, downspouts or poor grading can all lead to water getting into your basement. So can poor drainage. If your home was built on clay soil, as most are in the Philadelphia, NJ and Delaware areas, rain water will drain very slowly and start to seep into your foundation and basement walls, causing leaks, mold growth, flooding and structural damage.


How Basement Waterproofing Specialists Can Help Your Home

Basement waterproofing before picture.

Before Waterproofing: Wet, Moldy Basement

We offer several solutions to your water problems, including:


  • Extending Downspouts
  • Gutters
  • Grading
  • Window Wells
  • Exterior Drainage Systems
  • Foundation Repairs

If these can’t help, we have developed custom drainage systems specifically for your problem. Do not pay for a generic system that might work for puddles but fall short if you have 6″ of water.

If you live near a stream that occasionally overflows, we can install a 24,000 gallon per hour system that will keep you dry.

One of our foremen can give you a Free Analysis (Please Call 800-700-9171)


Minimal Mess – Basement Waterproofing Service in NJ, DE, and PA

Waterproofing your basement or crawl space may involve more than a minor disruption to your home. So, we will make your experience as minimally invasive as possible.

Reviews of Basement Waterproofing Specialists

And, we treat your home like it is our own!

We will put tarps down where necessary. We will also put plastic where necessary to minimize the dust disruption and install ventilation equipment to try to minimize the dust. We will move your items and cover them with care and try to make it as safe as possible for your family and pets.


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We can help you with basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, mold removal and more in all of New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern PA. For a full listing of our service areas, please click here



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