Basement Waterproofing Schwenksville Review

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Review of Our Basement Waterproofing Services from a Home Owner in Schwenksville

Is your home experiencing dampness in the basement or crawl space?

Are you seeing black or white streaks on the walls of your basement?

Does your basement flood when it rains?


If so, we can help you!

Recently we were called in to help Mrs. Kali of Schwenksville with her basement issues. Her home was experiencing dampness and two large cracks in the basement wall, plus a hole left by a previous contractor. It was getting to be a huge problem.

Here’s what she had to say about her experience.


Basement Waterproofing Schwenksville Review

Description Of Work:
Chief Inspector, Mark Pallante, reviewed my basement concerns which consisted of two large cracks on either side of the back corner, a large crack in the front beneath the “I” beam and a hole left in the wall by the original building contractor (that weeps every time the rain is heavy). Mark worked to analyze the needs, come up with solutions and keep the price affordable for me. In the back corner they filled the cracks, dug down below the foundation, inside and out, to ensure that it was not cracked or compromised.

foundation repair and basement waterproofing

They placed two 1/4″ stainless steel corner plates to reinforce the corner, reinforced the outside foundation with rebar and cement, filled in the floor corner with layers of stone and cement. They caulked the cracked stucco on the outside walls – both sides of the corner – with a calk that looks so good I could probably get away without painting it.

After placing the layers of stone, they filled the dirt back in around the outside corner, put the river rock back and it looks like it did before they started, except for the grass which I didn’t want there anyway.

The front wall crack was treated in much the same way only the area was flat. There are some details I’m leaving out about how the cracks were mended beneath the steel plates. I remember it involves some work on the edges and using a special epoxy to fill them. In the front a trench was dug, stones put in, some kind of filter material, 4″ PVC drainage pipe (so water that comes up from beneath will be carried off.

This trench runs the entire front of my besement and around the HVAC and hot water tank. A sump pump was installed in the corner and all water ends up there. There is a siphon type backup system on the sump pump.

So, if it fails the water kicks on from the main house pipe and siphons it all out. This backup system has its own pipe to the outside. The sump pump pit is radon proofed and completely covered. You see nothing but the flat cover and pipe going into the side. They redirected the output from my HVAC to the sump pump. They removed the thin metal cover from the hole left by the building contractor.

Filled the hole with an epoxy cement which completely covered it. The trench is designed so that any leaking from either the HVAC or the HW heater will be directed into the sump pump.

North Brunswick Foundation repair
Could not have had a better experience. The team showed up promptly at 8:00 AM. They were very polite, professional and considerate. They quickly unloaded their equipment and got to work. By the time of their lunch break they guys were telling me they’d be done by 3:30 PM and they were! They moved everything in the basement that needed to be out of the way and covered everything with 2 mil. plastic. When the job was complete they cleaned up everything – even swept the floor. Besides their obvious skill, the thing that impressed me the most was their teamwork – like a well oiled machine.

Each person went about performing their respective tasks and assisted each other when necessary in a happy and friendly manner. It is obvious that these are very happy employees. I am so amazed and very pleased (thought they’d be here for two days).

About a half hour or so after the team left, Mark Pallante, Chief Inspector, stopped by to touch base and see how everything went. We went downstairs, he inspected the job, checked the outside wall and sump pump connections outside in the front, took some pictures and was pleased with the results as am I. Oh yes, they provided a warranty for this work for the lifetime of the house. It is transferable to new owners.

What a class act! I certainly recommend them to anyone who needs the services they provide.



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