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Don’t Rain Storms Flood Your Basement in Pitman!


This past weekend we were at a home show in Pittman, NJ at the Virtua Turf Academy.
It was great to meet some many home owners from Glassboro, Mantua, Deptford, West Deptford, Richwood, Mullica Hill and, of course, Pitman. But, almost everyone who stopped by our booth had the same issue…water in their basements, especially when it rains for more than one day in a row.

Why Is Water In Your Basement?

Crawl space or basement, water gets in because it is excellent at finding the path of least resistance.

When it rains, water gets into your yard. It either drains down (if you have proper gutters, down spouts, yard or driveway drains, and good soil – this is a rare combo), or it sits in the ground, draining very slowly and causing the soil to expand.


  • The expansion pushes the ground into your foundation. Cracks form and water finds it’s way inside your basement, crawl space or foundation wall.

Not long after, water will start to get inside your home. It might just be a moisture spot now, but it will turn into a trickle, then a leak, then a flood.

At the Gloucester Home show, we heard time and again that not only were basements flooding but that the “smell lasts for a long time!”

Outer wall foundation repair

Waterproofing the outer wall of this foundation to help repair cracks, leaks, and structural damage.

That smell is mold and mildew forming. It does not take much moisture to cause mold growth. Now, when it floods…that’s like feeding a Gremlin after midnight…it will cause explosive growth.
And, just because it’s in your basement doesn’t mean that it won’t effect the rest of your home.

Most of the air that circulates through your house will go through your basement or crawl space at some point.


  • When it does, it will bring with it mold spores, mildew, and waste product from dust mites (they love damp basements!).

How We Can Fix Your Basement – Basement Waterproofing Pitman NJ, Deptford, and All Surrounding Areas

We are now offering full basement, crawl space and foundation waterproofing services in the Pitman, Glassboro, Mantua, Deptford, Richwood, Mullica Hill and surrounding areas.


We will:


  • Fix your drainage so that water can no longer damage your foundation (controlling water will keep your basement dry and mold free)
  • Fix any cracks or holes in your home’s foundation (stopping cracks will keep your basement dry and avoid very costly foundation repairs later on)
  • Dry your basement and seal it so that water no longer gets inside (no moisture, no mold and no foundation damage)
  • Kill mold and keep it from coming back (mold can be lethal…we kill it and keep it from returning)
  • Dry and seal your crawl space to keep mold, mildew, water and rodents out (this will also protect the insulation on the ceiling of the crawl space, saving your money on your energy bills)



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