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Is Your Basement Flooding?

Cracks in the walls or floor of your cellar?

Recently, we were called to a home in Phoenixville to help with water damage in the basement and some cracks in the walls that were starting to leak water (and grow mildew and mold).

The home owners had bought a fairly new home and were confident in the home inspection report that all was well…until we got hit with a huge rain storm.

Suddenly, their basement was flooded and they were finding cracks in the base of the foundation walls.

How Do Your Foundation Walls Begin to Crack?

In the Phoenixville area, the main problem is the way many of the newer homes and developments are built. This plus rapid expansion of strip malls and commerce centers causes an overwhelming effect on the drainage in the area.

So, when all that water from rain (or snow, as we’re seeing right now), has no where to go, it will find it’s way into your basement.

Basically, your foundation or basement walls will crack in 4 basic stages:

One: The cinder blocks or concrete will crack on the outside of the wall where you won’t be able to see it (this part of the wall is in the ground)

Two: The cracks break though to the hollow part of the wall, water begins to fill the hollow area. The inside of the wall will start to show signs of wetness at this stage.

Three: Cracks will begin to show on the inisde (visible) part of the wall. Water will flow through the wall and into the basement. The wall will become very weak now.

Step Foundation Crack

Step Crack in the Foundation

Four: Walls will buckle, blocks crumble and the structure of your home is in big trouble.

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Don’t Let It Get To Stage 4

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