Basement Waterproofing Millville NJ Review

 Is Your Millville NJ Home Experiencing a Wet, Flooded, or Damp Basement or Crawl Space?


In the Millville area (including Bridgeton, Buena, Vineland, and Upper Deerfield), basement and crawl space water problems are common.

The area gets hit hard with water issues because it is low on the water table, near several rivers, and can also catch the tail end of storms that come in off of the shore. This leads to a lot of soggy yards, flooding, wet walls, mold growth, and foundation problems.

Thomas Wnoroski’s basement was flooding, and he called us in for help. We were able to get in, stop the flooding, and solve the cause of his water problems. Here’s what he had to say about his experience with Basement Waterproofing Specialists on Angie’s List:


Basement Waterproofing Millville NJ reveiw on angieslistThe crew performed work on half the basement, where water entered at the cove during torrential rainfall. The work was quieter than we thought it would be, and the job was done in two fewer hours than we anticipated. The men were courteous, considerate of our property, and worked assiduously without falter or interruption. Each man was conversant and did not hesitate to explain what they were doing and why they were doing it. –Thomas Wnorowski, Millville NJ


Basement Waterproofing Millville NJ

We can help you:

  • Dry your basement or crawl space
  • Install a drainage system that stops your home’s water problems
  • Fix your foundation
  • Get mold out of your basement or crawl space, and keep it out for good

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