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How to Dry Your Basement and Keep Your Foundation Strong


We recently had the great pleasure of helping two home owners in PA, one in Mont Clare, the other in Middletown, fix their basement problems. One had a waterproofing issue, the other had a problem with dampness and some cracking in the foundation.

In Mont Clare, water problems in the basement are quite common. Being so close to the left bank of the Schuylkill River, flooding and a saturated water table occur whenever a big rain storm hits the area.


During hurricane Sandy and the tropical storms that blew in shortly after, the Schuylkill flooded and many homes in the Mont Clare area were hit hard.

  • Flooded basements, foundation cracks, mold growth and perpetual wet, damp basements have plagued the area in the last few years.


Luckily, we were able to help many of them.


For the home in Mont Clare, we had to make sure that their basement was able to withstand any time that the Schuylkill overflowed or whenever the rain or snow got to be too much for the land in the town.


This means we had to:


  • Secure the outside walls of the basement
  • Re-situate the soil around the home so that the pressure on the walls would be relieved and that
  • Waterproof the inside and outside walls of the basement


A better set of drains were installed so that any water that did come near the home was safely carried away where it could no longer damage the foundation.


  • When you keep water away from your foundation, you’ll have a dry basement.


Middletown PA

What about the home in Middletown with the wet basement and foundation problems?

This is getting to be the norm in the greater Harrisburg area. Many of the older homes are starting to experience foundation problems. And, because of the way that many of the new homes are built (on clay soil with poor drainage systems in place), many new homes are experiencing the same problem.


For the home in Middletown, we had to:


  • Get rid of some of the clay soil around the home (clay has terrible drainage, so when it rains or snows, that water sits in the ground around your house and it expands when the temperature changes, putting pressure on the foundation walls)
  • Put in better drainage (again, getting water away from your home is key)



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