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Review of Our Basement Waterproofing Services in the Macungie PA Area


A few weeks ago Mr. Venkataramanan Ravi of Macungie contacted us about some problems he was having in his basement. His basement had a crack along the length of the walls (horizontal crack) and water was seeping inside. It was coming in more and more each time it rained, eventually flooding his basement.

We were able to fix the cracks and use our special steel plate foundation repair to anchor the wall in place and keep the problem from happening again. We also waterproofed the inside about outside of his basement walls.  Now, there is no more flooding and his basement stays dry.


Here’s what Mr. Ravi had to to say about:

The professional inspector from Basement Waterproofing Specialists (Adam) was extremely punctual and professional when he first came over to inspect the crack. He went over the probable methods they use to fix such basement water leak problems and provided me with an estimate

Macungie PA basement waterproofing review.

Online review of our basement waterproofing service in Macungie, PA.

about how much the whole repair would cost. The method he suggested seemed extremely logical to me and made the most possible sense.

My basement is unfinished and I was hesitant to put a sump pump in there as a solution to prevent future water leak into the basement. The solution Adam provided was to initially fix the crack using Epoxy and hydraulic cement, followed by securing steel plates (3″ thick) to the foundation wall over the crack to prevent any water entry into the basement.
Adam will also talk about how they have a “call in” price, which essentially means that BWS would provide you with a reduced cost estimate should you accept the offer and let them complete the job right away (within the next available date). As an individual, if you do not have any prior experience with the different techniques available to fix basement, approximate cost of how much it will take, it might seem a problem at that very instant.

Once you agree that you will go with BWS, Adam will immediately make a call to his boss and they will come up with a discounted price. The discounted price will only be eligible if you provide your consent to BWS taking up the job and giving Adam 10% of the total cost as advance.

Don’t worry, you still have the option to cancel the contract and get back your 10% within 3 business days. This all being said, the price Adam quoted for me initially was overpriced for the job (in the truest sense), but when he called his boss and offered me a discounted price of $2700, it seemed a very good price for the job they were going to do.

Overall, BWS does quote a very good price if you decide to go with them right on the day of the inspection.
Now to the job itself. It dealt with sealing a 8 ft crack with epoxy and hydraluic cement, followed by installing two 3″ wide x 3 ft tall steel plates to secure the foundation.

On job day, two workers from BWS showed up at exactly the time they said they would.

They were extremely professional. They segregated the work area, meticulously carried out their work. After each stage was complete, they called me over to inspect and to earn my satisfaction. They also found an additional problem in my garage and fixed it with hydraluic cement.

This was not part of the contract, but they didn’t charge anything additional for this service. The workers took about 4 hrs to complete the job. They cleaned up their mess after they left and I would say, they carried themselves very well and very professional.
Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the quality of service provided for the price I had to pay.


Basement Waterproofing Macungie PA

Here’s how we can help you, just like we did for Mr. Ravi:

  • We waterproof both the inside and outside walls of your basement – this is extremely important to keeping flooding and water problems away for good. In most cases, to only do the inside is asking for big trouble in the future.
  • If you have a foundation crack or problem, we will make sure that the crack is stopped – we often use steel plate technology to keep the crack in check and keep the walls from splitting more
  • You get a Free Estimate and In-House Financing is Available

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