Basement Waterproofing Lower Merion Twp

Don’t Let a Wet, Damp, Flooded Basement Ruin Your Home


Far too many homes in the Lower Merion area have been a victim of wet, damp, moldy and smelly basements. What used to be a rare problem has become a reoccurring issue for home owners in the area.

A Wet Basement Can Destroy Your Home

Because Lower Merion is near the Schuylkill river, basement flooding and foundation problems are common. When it rains hard, snows or there is simply a rise in the water table, the town has problems with drainage.

The bigger the drainage problems, the bigger the basement water and mold issues. This is because too much water in the ground around your home can lead to water getting into your basement, foundation or crawl space.


Water is Destructive

Water from rain is highly acidic. It can literally eat away at the cement, stone, brick or block in your foundation.

Water from rain and snow can get inside of the walls in your basement/foundation and will start to weaken the structure.

It doesn’t take long before your foundation is weakened and susceptible to flooding and big time damages.


Basement Waterproofing Lower Merion Twp

We can help fix your basement. Our small, locally owned, family business specializes in foundation repair and waterproofing in all of Lower Marion and the greater Philadelphia area.

We can:


  • Drain your flooded basement (we have a system that can drain a 40,000 gallon pool in under two hours)
  • Fix your foundation (we can repair your foundation no matter if it’s brick, old terra cotta, stone, poured concrete or cinder block – a small, inexpensive fix today can save you $10,000+ later)
  • Remove mold from your basement (mold can be lethal to your children, pets and older people)
  • You get a Free Estimate and In-House Financing is available

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