Basement Waterproofing Lebanon PA

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Are Water and Wildlife Invading Your Lebanon PA Home?


Is your basement flooding when it rains?

Are you seeing spiders, black snakes, and other rodents in your cellar?


If so, you need a water management system put into place.




Your Basement Turns Into a Terrarium


lebanon-pa-basement-waterproofingHeat, humidity, dampness, water and moisture…sounds like the ideal conditions for the reptile exhibit at the zoo.


However, this is exactly what happens in your basement when water starts to get inside.


We’ve found, many times, in homes in Lancaster and Lebanon, that several types of insects and rodents (especially for those homes close to the river), are getting into basements and setting up a home for themselves.

Obviously, black snakes and spiders are very dangerous to the health of your family and pets.


How Can We Fix the Problem?


Check out this quick video. Our basement expert, Ken, explains how these problems happen and how we can help you solve them:

  • Vastly improved drainage
  • Inside and outside water management
  • Improvement in soil quality
  • Waterproofing so that water can no longer get into your home
  • And always, a Free Estimate




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We can help you with basement flooding, waterproofing, foundation repair, basement additions, and many other home improvement projects. We service Lebanon, Lancaster, Quakertown, Harrisburg, Easton and the entire Philadelphia PA area. Click here for our service areas.

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