Basement Waterproofing Lancaster PA

Don’t Let Your Wet, Flooded Basement Hold You Hostage in the Lancaster Area

Wet, humid, damp basements can be a potential disaster for your home. Dampness, mold and cracks are all signs that your basement and foundation are under too much stress and are starting to break, allowing water and moisture inside.


In the Lancaster area, this is pretty common. It is not uncommon for those types of cracks and holes in your foundation lead to bugs and black snakes getting into your basement (we’ve seen countless cases of black snakes getting into basements in the area and taking up residence…a scary situation!)


  • We can help waterproof your basement and make sure that your foundation is fixed, rock solid and doesn’t allow a drop of water in your home.

Check out what one of our customers from Lancaster had to say about their experience with us:

Our basement waterproofing was completed in May, 2014 and I’ve waited far too long to write this review, waiting for a “monsoon” rain to truly test out the waterproofing.  That finally happened, and after years of living with minor seepage which ultimately became standing water, there was not one drop of water anywhere in the living area of the basement.  The installation works exactly as it is designed.
On the 1st day of the installation, the crew of 3 or 4 men worked quickly and professionally.  Everything was done by hand, from jack-hammering a trench around the entire interior perimeter of the basement, to hauling every bit of debris out and every bit of concrete in by hand in buckets. The entire job was completed in approximately 11 hours over 2 days. 

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We were very impressed with their work ethic and the thorough way the job was completed.
If there was anything that was not completely satisfactory, it’s that the drain pipe to the outside was not laid closer to the wall as my husband expected. However, because that wall was being studded out and dry-walled, we didn’t report it to the company as it did not pose a problem as we remodeled the basement.


  • In addition, their price was half of one of their competitor’s price, but the primary reason we chose them was they way their salesman negotiated the job.  He spent quite a while explaining the job and describing what he thought was the best way the job should be handled at the lowest cost.

Finally, this company provides a lifetime, transferable warranty.
So far, we are completely satisfied and would recommend this company to anyone looking to have their basement waterproofed.


Basement Waterproofing Lancaster PA

We can help you:


  • Keep Your Basement Dry (waterproofing gets rid of excess water in your yard and basement, keeping your home dry)
  • Kill Basement Mold and Keep It Out of Your Home (mold in your basement can be lethal to your pets and children, we will get it out of your home for good)
  • Fix Your Foundation (cracks n your foundation can become dangerous, fast. We can help you fix them and get your home out of the danger zone)


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