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Has the Basement in Your Quakertown Home Had Water Problems Such as Flooding, Mold Growth, or Dampness?

We can help!


Flooding from heavy rains recently have made a real mess of many basements in the Quakertown area.


Along the northern end of Quakertown, the Tohickon Creek, which feeds into the Delaware River, can overflow and cause drainage and water damage problems in many of the homes.

The spring and summer rains do not help the situation. June, July and August will all see an average of 5″ of rain per month, thought if this spring is any indication, the area will see much more than that.

And, the heavy snow falls of the past few winters are contributing to the problem.

Now, with late-fall/early winter rains pounding the area, flooded basements are reaching near epidemic levels.


How to Stop Water Damages in The Basement or Crawl Space of Your Quakertown Home

If your home has begun to experience water damages to the cellar, crawl space, foundation or other areas, the good news is that it is repairable.

Basement Waterproofing Quakertown PA Before Picture

Before waterproofing: this Quakertown basement had wet, cracked walls, and flooding problems.

But, you have to act quickly before the problem gets worse.

When you see a little dampness, some water, a small crack in your foundation, etc., you are seeing the beginning of a much bigger problem to come.

You may be at the stage where your basement has flooded one or more times.


If you ignore the problems you will soon have:


  • Mold infestation (mold loves moisture, dampness and water)
  • Massive foundation problems (brick, stone, poured concrete, cement…they are all at risk of bowing walls that can have your house condemned)
  • Poor air quality in your home (mold produces toxic spores that get into the air of your home where it can harm your family)

We Can Help


We are now able to help you in the Quakertown area. We provide you with a Free Estimate and will be sure to fix any damage you have to your basement, foundation, and your home.


  • We will waterproof the inside and outside walls of your basement to make sure that water can never get into your home again.
  • You can also apply to get 0% Financing  


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