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Basement Waterproofing Harrisburg PA: Don’t Let Rain Destroy Your Basement


Recently, we were at a Farm Show in Harrisburg. We got to meet a lot of great people up there, home owners just like you, who all had a similar problem…

  • Their basements are flooding, getting wet, and getting moldy.


Why Does Harrisburg Get Hit So Hard with Foundation Problems and Basement Flooding?

Your home is at risk because Harrisburg, like many older cities in Pennsylvania, have several issues that lead to wet, flooded cellars:


  • Older homes in the area have drainage systems that aren’t built to withstand the amount of rain and snow that hits the area
  • The excess water overwhelms the drains, the ground gets flooded and that water makes its way into your basement.
  • Homes here are often built too close together…problems in your neighbor’s home (like his drain overflowing) suddenly becomes your problem as well.
  • The older homes don’t have efficient systems in the basement to help carry that water away from the home
  • The houses in the main city are usually built with a heavy amount of clay soil in the ground around the house.


Marnie and Mike had a lot of these problems. Their home was leaking water, especially on the basement walls, around small cracks, and around the windows of the cellar.

As a result, mold started to grown and it was effecting their health.


We made sure the outside of their foundation walls were waterproofed, secured and we re-tamped the dirt around their home so that the dirt around their home wouldn’t hold so much water.


Basement waterproofing Harrisburg PA trench

Drainage trench

  • We also installed drains in the footer (bottom) of the walls so that if excess water does make it’s way in, then it’ll be taken away from the house and put far off where it can’t cause damage.
  • Then we got the mold out of their home and, most importantly, got the spores out of the air so it wouldn’t grow back.


If you live in Harrisburg (in the city or the suburbs), you should have your basement inspected so that the foundation of your home stats strong and water damage free.


How Our Waterproofing Services Can Benefit You

  • We waterproofing and repair the inside and outside of your walls (this is important for the long term effectiveness)
  • You can have your mold removed simultaneously while your basement or crawl space is waterproofed
  • You get a Free Estimate and Financing is Available


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