Basement Waterproofing Fundamentals

 Does Your NJ, PA, or DE Home Need Basement Waterproofing?


If so, make sure that your home is treated properly. If you are researching the project, please read the following (and watch the video) to make sure that your basement waterproofing job is done correctly.

Interior and exterior water issues

It is important to figure out where your basement or crawl space water problems are coming form. Are the originating on the outside, or the inside, of your walls and foundation?

Once we determine that, we can formulate the best plan to help your home and keep your cellar or crawl space dry, and mold free.


Water Coming Into Your Basement?

Do you have water actually coming into your basement?

Are the walls wet?

Does the area flood whenever it rains or after a heavy snow storm?

Does the area feel damp, moldy, musty, anytime it’s humid outside?

These are all important things to keep in mind when fixing your basement. Determining which problems are effecting your home is key to getting them fixed, and keeping your basement damage-free.

Dig Out Dirt Around Foundation All the Way to the Footer

This is important because it is often a step that is skipped by the companies that are looking to make a quick profit.

They avoid it because it is labor intensive, but it is absolutely necessary to keeping your basement and foundation walls dry, free of cracks, and waterproofed.

This is an important step because if you only waterproof the top half of the will, the bottom part, and the footer (the portion of your foundation that anchors your home’s foundation) will still experience problems.

This is just part of what we do when waterproofing your basement. Check out the video below. It details a homeowner from Phoenixville PA’s experience waterproofing his basement with BWS:

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