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 Customer Review of Our Basement Waterproofing Services in the Elizabethtown PA Area


We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to help a home owner in Elizabethtown PA recently. They were having mold and water issues in the basement. Mold is extremely harmful to your health, so getting rid of it fast is the key to keeping your family healthy.

Here’s what they had to say on Angie’sList:

Best Basement Waterproofer in PA, NJ, DE Award

Best Basement Waterproofing Award

“BWS placed a 49 linear ft waterproofing system and enlarged sump pump in my basement after discovering we had significant water and mold issues in both walls. This was discovered while having radon mitigation done. BWS was the third estimate I scheduled. I found them first at the Elizabethtown Fair, but then I checked them out on Angie’s list.

I left my contact info with them on a Tuesday and they called me the next morning to schedule an appt. that day. Although the gentleman was late for our appt, he respected my schedule and went straight to work on diagnosing our problem and recommending a solution. Nick’s sales technique was really low pressure and practically no sales pitch. I can’t say that for the other companies.

You could tell he knew his product well and believed in it. He let the product speak for itself. Let me emphasize that this is what sold me on their product.

It’s a family run business, but large enough to back their product with a lifetime warranty.The price was the most competitive of the three estimates, but I felt like I received more for my money.

For example, they tied in my HVAC system and old sump battery back up, removed my old sump and provided an additional 25 linear feet of work for only $1700 more than the other estimates, which did not include the extras I listed.

As far as efficiency goes, they offered a 10% discount if I had the work scheduled immediately. In my case I needed it done ASAP, so it worked in my favor. Discount? Sure sign me up! They were there the next morning with a 4 man crew, which included a foreman. They set up a proper negative airflow and containment prior to working. They treated the existing mold with Fosters 40/80. All were courteous and professional. They worked from 8am – 5pm and the job was done well. I would highly recommend using their services.”

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