Basement Waterproofing Doylestown PA

Sick of Dealing With a Wet, Moldy, Damp Basement?


Our waterproofing specialists can help save the basement of your Doylestown area home.

Wet basements and crawl spaces can weaken your home’s foundation, leading to cracks, leaks and flooding in your basement. In much of Bucks county, this is a reoccurring problem. Older farm houses built with stone foundations are at risk. New homes built in developments are at risk. No matter the age of your house, it is at risk for these types of problems.


What Causes a Wet Basement and Damaged Foundation?

In general, poor drainage in your yard (most homes in the Doylestown area are built on heavy, clay and gravel soils that do not drain well). Bad drainage means that whenever it rains or snows, your yard is saturated with water.


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This saturation makes the ground around your foundation and basement expand, putting pressure on the walls. It doesn’t take long before this pressure causes cracks.


  • Once the cracks start, water starts to get into your basement.

It is a terribly viscous cycle because the more the water comes in, the weaker your foundation becomes. Even if you have a stone or brick foundation, water can and will weaken them and cause them to crack.


Basement Waterproofing Doylestown PA

We can help dry your basement and save your foundation:


  • Improving the drainage in your yard and around your home’s foundation
  • Fixing the cracks in your foundation (on both the inside and outside of the walls – this is extremely important)
  • Drying your basement: We have developed systems capable of draining a 40,000 gallon swimming pool in under 2-hours. No matter how bad your flood is, we can get your basement dry in no time
  • With over 14 levels of waterproofing systems, we can customize the solution to fit your specific problem
  • Free Estimates and InspectionsFinancing Also Available


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