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Wet, Leaky, Flooding Basement in Boiling Springs PA? You May Need Waterproofing

We were recently called out to the small, beautiful town of Boiling Springs PA, just outside of York to the home of Ric LeBlanc.


Ric was having problems with his basement flooding and being damp and wet constantly. It was an unhealthy environment.

And, because of the way his home was built, fixing the problem was beyond the expertise of most waterproofers. We were able to help Ric and this is what he had to say on Angie’sList about the service:


This company installed a “commercial grade system”  in my residential home. 

Due to a Monolithic foundation and VERY thick pad, this job was more difficult than most and required additional equipment and considerably more labor.  BWS [Basement Waterproofing Specialists] did not attempt to increase their contracted price even though they encountered these issues. 

The management and crew communicated clearly and professionally during the entire process and seemed to keep my best interest at heart!  The crew worked efficiently and professionally during the entire ordeal in spite of the obstacles they encountered. 

I am impressed with the quality of the materials BWS used and how effective the system is in keeping my basement dry.  I am THRILLED to have my basement back!!!


How We Can Help Your York and Boiling Springs PA Area Home

No matter what the problem in your basement is, we will do our best to help. Because with us, you get a waterproofing or foundation repair solution that fits your specific problem. No one-size-fits-all work here.

Every home is unique, and your s is no different. What works for your neighbor may not work for you, so, we evaluate the problem and give you the fix that’s right for you.


  • Your basement and foundation are repaired on both the inside and out…most companies simply work on the inside walls. But, it is essential to fix the outside as well…otherwise, the problems will simply come back and cause even more damage.
  • Drainage is Improved (this is key for keeping water out of your basement)
  • If your basement is flooded, we dry it fast (and get rid of toxic mold)
  • You get a Free Estimate and In-House Financing is Available


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