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Is Basement Waterproofing Worth the Money?

Learn the Basics of How Waterproofing Can Help Your Home

Whether or not to waterproof your basement is always a hotly debated topic in the home improvement world.

On the one side is the DIY (do it yourself) crowd mixed with the fly-by-night “waterprooing” companies. They believe that driving to Lowe’s, buying a $50 bucket of waterproofing paint, slapping it on the walls and bailing water out of their basement whenever it rains is a perfectly acceptable water management system.

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On the other side are the professional waterproofers. They install water management systems, drainage, brace the outside of your basement walls and fix cracks in your foundation. They believe that stopping water damages is a matter of making the structure of your home strong and able to withstand the pressure that water-expanded soil puts on your basement.


Waterproofing Paint Doesn’t Work

Unfortunately, waterproofing paint does not work. It creates a thin membrane on your basement walls and floor. This would seem like a good barrier to water, but, it does absolutely nothing to stop water from getting inside of your basement (or basement walls).


  • In fact, it actually makes the problem worse because it traps moisture between the walls and the “membrane.”
  • This allows mold to grow and spread under the membrane. Any hole in it will allow old spores to escape and begin to spread all over your home – this is extremely unhealthy for your family


Water Continues to Batter Your Foundation

As long as water is able to soak into your yard and cause your soil to expand, it will put a tremendous amount of pressure on your basement and foundation walls.

Better drainage (in the basement, in your hard and around your foundation) are needed. This is where the DIY crowd falls way short…without drainage, the problem will continually get worse.

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The Outside of Your Basement Must Be Fixed

The outside walls of your basement have to be protected. This is actually where the water problems start because small cracks develop from the pressure. Water seeps in, weakens the inside wall and causes cracks, leaks and eventually, flooding.


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