Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair Results

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What Kind of Results Can You Expect When You Have Your Foundation Repaired and Your Basement Waterproofed?


If you are like most home owners in the Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware areas, you have more than likely encountered problems in your basement with dampness, water, flooding, mold growth, cracks in the foundation or basement walls, and drainage issues.

Below is an actual example of before and after basement waterproofing and foundation repair results:


Before and after a basement waterproofing and foudnation repair

As you can see, the basement in the before picture had a ton of problems. The concrete on the walls was cracked, chipping and had visible streaks of water coming down from the window. And, there is significant flooding where the water is pooling on the basement floor.


Why does this happen?

It all comes down to how your home manages the water from rain, snow and irrigation. When a storm hits the Philadelphia area, the ground gets soaked. If you live near one of the regions many lakes, streams, or if the water table in your town is already high, the ground near your home will become water logged.


  • This causes it to expand, and this expansion puts pressure on your foundation walls. This pressure leads to cracks in the outside wall, which lets water trickle in.
  • Soon this water pools at the bottom of your basement wall (on the inside of the wall) and weakens the cement, cinder block or stone.
  • Then, water will be able to get into your basement an cause the kind of damages you see in the before picture.


How We Can Help You

We can help your Philadelphia, NJ or Delaware area home, just like we did for the house in the before and after pictures, by:


  • Drying your basement (the longer the water or moisture remains, the more harmful mold will grow in your cellar)
  • Fixing the cracks in your foundation on the outside AND the inside (this is important because most companies only fix the inside, which will lead to bigger, more expensive damages in the future)
  • Killing harmful mold and keeping it out of your home (this will protect your family’s health)
  • You Get a Free Estimate and Financing is Available


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