Basement Waterproofing Ambler PA Review

We recently had the great opportunity to do basement waterproofing on a home in Ambler, PA

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We had to stop the flooding and water flow that was getting into this basement by waterproofing, installing two well pumps and a dehumidifier to deal with the excess moisture.


  • Water was getting into the basement through small cracks in the walls. This is an indication that there are structural problems on the outside of the basement walls.


In these cases it is ultra important to deal with both the cracks on the outside and the inside. And, to put in drainage to deal with any water that accumulates in your yard around your foundation.


How We Will Help Your Basement


  • If you are experiencing problems with your basement like leaks, flooding, mold growth or just dampness, we can help.
  • We will inspect your basement for Free
  • Any cracks in the walls (inside and out) will be fixed so that water can no longer get into your home
  • Cracks in the floor or around the floor drain are also fixed for you
  • Drainage systems are put in to deal with excess rain water that can force it’s way into your basement
  • Pressure relief systems are put into your foundation and basement walls (if needed) to help keep them strong and prevent cracks from happening due to pressure from the ground around your house



We provide basement waterproofing services in Ambler and the greater Philadelphia area including West Chester, Easton, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Doylestown, New Hope, and, all of New Jersey and Delaware.


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