Basement Waterproofing Adds More Home Value

Waterproofing Your Basement is Not Only More Cost-Effective Than a Home Addition, It Also Adds Considerable Value


How Does Waterproofing Your Basement Add Value to Your Home?

A wet, damp, moldy basement is a nightmare if you’re trying to sell your home. It’s a problem that will drop your asking price almost automatically because buyers don’t want to come into a new home and have to

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deal with the myriad of problems that a wet basement throws at them:

  • Structural problems (wet basements lead to – or are caused by – cracks in the foundation)
  • Mold growth (mold is hazardous – it can even be lethal to your children and pets)
  • Loss of storage and living space (when your basement is wet or moldy, it ceases to offer living and storage area, dramatically cutting down on the usable square footage of your house.


Increased Resale Value

Waterproofing offers two huge advantages:

  • If you’re selling, it will get you a higher asking price. Although it can’t always be listed in the official square footage of the home, buyers know that having a basement means a full extra floor on their new home – a floor used for storage and living space

Not long ago, cellars and basements were used for storage only. If the old junk you had stored down there got rusty or moldy, it was considered a part of having a home.

However, as the American family’s size increased, so did their need for living space. Now cellars are used to build extra bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, play rooms, entertainment centers, and home gyms.

In the old days, when your basement flooded or was mold, there wasn’t much you could do about it.

However, today, thanks to the special techniques developed at Basement Waterproofing Specialists, your basement can become part of your home’s usable living space.

Even if you aren’t looking to sell your home, this is a huge advantage because it:


  • Gives your family more space
  • Provides more storage area
  • Increases your home’s value – important if you are considering home equity loans, or selling down the road


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