Why is My Basement Wall Wet?

Are the Walls of Your PA, NJ, or Delaware Area Basement Wet, Damp, Or Moldy?


Ah, the dreaded wet basement walls

It’s almost like scene from a horror movie…the walls of your basement seem to be bleeding, but, you can’t find the cause.

And, it just keeps coming. Water dripping down the wall, bringing with it mold and mildew.

When you find that your basement walls are dripping with water or covered in moisture, you have a problem on your hands.


How Does Water Get Inside YourBasement?

The cause of your wet walls may be different than what you’ve been led to believe.

Many sites on the internet, and not-so-great contractors, will tell you that its simply a humidity issue. So they usually suggest:

  • Running a dehumidifier (this is a good practice in general, but it won’t fix the problem.
  • Applying the ever-failing “waterproofing paint” (this always leads to disaster and huge bills – to learn why, click here)


Why do they fail?

Because the source of the “Wetness” is water that is coming in from outside the home.

  • The water pushes it’s way inside of your basement walls from the outside (the ground around your home fills with water when it rains).
  • If the outside walls are not waterproofed and secured, cracks and leaks develop.


Fix the Outside, Fix the Inside

We will fix the outside walls, making sure they repel water and can withstand the pressure of the soil around your home, preventing cracks and leaks.

  • This will make your inside basement walls dry and, more importantly, keeping them dry.


Wet Basement Wall Repair in NJ, DE, and PA

We can help dry your basement walls, stop mold growth, and stop your basement from getting wet or flooding.

If you are a property owner in the Philadelphia area (including Harrisburg, Easton, West Chester, Allentown, York, and the surrounding areas), all of NJ, and all of Delaware, you can get a Free Estimate on fixing your basement walls, and keeping your home dry and flood-free:


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