Basement Remodeling West Chester PA

Benefits of Remodeling the Basement of Your West Chester PA Home

Thinking about finishing your basement but aren’t sure if it is worth the investment? Check out these huge benefits of remodeling or finishing your basement.


1. Increased Living Space

This is usually the biggest advantage for most West Chester area home owners. It seems that no matter how big or small the house, there is just never enough room. As your family expands and you have children, pets or relatives come to live with you, you need more

crawl space conversion to basement

Crawl Space Conversion to Basement, Before and After plus Remodeling.


A wet, damp basement is a huge waste of usable living area. By finishing it, you dry the area, remove any mold and make it totally safe to live in.

You can simply put in some basic flooring and have one large area, or, you can add rooms like a bathroom, kitchen, living room, home gym, entertainment areas…the possibilities are endless.


2. More Storage Area

This is related to #1. Again, it seems we never have enough space. And, this is especially true with our closets. Many of the older homes in the West Chester area have small closets and this can be a hassle if you have a large family or a lot of stuff.

You can now use your finished, dry basement to store your stuff without the risk of them being ruined by moisture, mold or water. You can also combine the area to have both more living area and storage space.


3. More Home Value

More living area means more home value. And, the added benefit is that remodeling your basement is one of the most cost effective home improvement projects you can do. Not only is it cheaper per square foot, but, it also gives you the biggest increase in home value.

Basement Remodeling West Chester PA

We can help you by:


  • Adding flooring, walls and building new rooms in your basement
  • Finishing Your basement by waterproofing and drying it
  • Removing mold from your cellar (mold is a true health hazard and should be killed before you use your basement as a living area)


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