Is the Basement of Your Philly Home Flooding? 1

Snow Storms Can Being Deadly Basement and Crawl Space Flooding to Your Philadelphia Home


In the Philadelphia, NJ, and Delaware areas, home owners are facing a very old type of house damage that has some new twists…flooding in the basement.

Flooding in the Philly area happens for several reasons:

  • Improper back filling of the dirt around your home’s foundation when the house is built (basically, the contractor saves time by simply dumping dirt back in the trench around the basement without tamping it down)
  • The ground in the area is loaded with clay. Clay has really poor drainage (combined with the sloppy back filling and you have a wet mess on your hands)
  • Extremes in temperature cause the ground, and it’s clay soil, to expand and retract (this causes pressure to be put on your home’s basement walls, from the outside)
  • This pressure makes the walls weak, causes them to crack and water finds its way into the cracks (and inside the walls themselves, which causes even more problems)


Now you have basement walls that have several inches (or feet!) of water just sitting there, eating the cement. Much of the water that gets in is acidic, since it started as rain.

Soon a little water gets into the basement.


This is where most home owners make a huge mistake…they ignore it! (if you’re having this problem and need help, please Email Us

Flooded Philadelphia BasementThey run humidifiers or put some kind of cheap “patching” agent around where they find the leaks.

A little more time passes, a big rain storm hits, and bam, you’re in the middle of a flooded basement with a bucket, trying to bail water like your ship is going down.


Here’s what you should do:


  • The second you see even the smallest amount of dampness, call us 800-900-9171 (The earlier you fix the problem, the less it’ll cost and the less damage will be done)
  • We also offer emergency services…if your basement is flooding, do not try to drain it alone, this is potentially dangerous because of any electrical outlets and appliances in the cellar

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