Basement Mold Removal Pottstown PA

Mold In Pottstown PA Basement? 

Destroy Basement Mold Before It Harms Your Family, Your Children, and Your Pets


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Basement mold infestation has reached near epidemic levels in many areas of Pennsylvania. Pottstown, Collegeville, King of Prussia, and even Allentown and Harrisburg have been hit hard.

Between wet weather, humidity, and just about every home in the Pottstown area being build on poorly draining clay soils, basement water and basement mold are a dangerous, ever growing problem for many families…

Water enters your basement walls after a rain or snow storm, where it provides the perfect food for mold. From there, it doesn’t take long for mold to release it’s toxic, reproductive spores into the air. 

These land everywhere… and not just everywhere in your cellar… remember, 60% of the air in your home is circulated through your basement. This means that those spores are landing on your bed, your clothes, your couch, even your plates, cups, food and drink…

Mold then begins to grow wherever these spores land, as long as moisture is present. 

Ever leave a glass of water on the nightstand only to find mold growing on the surface of the water a day or two later?

That’s how fast mold can grow and spread

Mold is toxic – it can even be lethal to small children, pets, and the elderly. 

If you see even a trace of mold in your basement, or smell a strong, musty odor, get rid of it asap:

Basement Mold Removal Pottstown PA






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