My Basement Floods When It Rains!

Along came the rain and washed the basement out…

It’s a common question we get here at Basement Waterproofing Specialists…“My basement floods when it rains, what do I do?”


First, know that any water or wetness in your cellar is not normal.


Unfortunately, many home owners in the greater Philadelphia area assume that it’s perfectly ok to have occasional water or wetness.

We tend to get periods of heavy rain and, sometimes heavy snow in the winter (at least in the last 5 years or so) and this can cause water damages and flooding for many area home owners.

Those along the Jersey shore get hit especially hard, and those who live along any of the rivers.


So, what do you do? You can’t stop it from raining but you can:


1. Install a Sump Pump and a Back Up


You should always have a sump pump in your basement or crawl space. And, you should have a back up that turns on once the electricity goes out or the pump is overwhelmed (these run on water, not electric).

However, understand that this is an emergency measure. It does not fix anything, it simply pumps the water out in case of severe flooding.


2. Call a Qualified Basement Contractor


Please don’t think this is just a plug for our service…the truth is that it’s impossible, in most cases, to fix flooding or water damage in the basement on your own.



woman in flooded basement

If Your Basement Floods, Do NOT Do This

The problem is usually deeper than just “some water got in around the window” …or, “through a small crack that’s been there for years.”

If you are getting water in the basement, chances are you either:



So, it’s not as simple as:


  • bailing out the water (only removes the water, not the problem. And, is dangerous because of electrical appliances/outlets in the basement.)
  • Applying a “waterproofing paint.” (These simply trap water behind the paint’s membrane, causing mold growth and actually making the problem worse)


Don’t risk electrocution, foundation damages and enormous repair costs…give us a call today for a free estimate 800-900-9171

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