Basement Flooding Repair in Yardley PA

Melting Snow Causing Floods in Your Yardley Area Home?


Yardley, Morrisville, Oxford Valley and most of Bucks county is currently under attack from nearly a foot of melting snow.


As the weather warms and rain hits, all of that snow will melt and get into the ground around your home. The ground is still cold (cold night temperatures) and that water will cause the ground to expand, forcing basement waterproofing before picturewater inside of your basement.


As a result, we are bailing out many home owners in the Yardley area.


Before we get into how we can fix the problem for you, please note:


  • Having multiple sump pumps helps treat the symptoms of flooding, it is NOT the cure.


Your home will flood over and over again. Once water gets in, it gets worse every time it rains or snows.


Why Is Bucks County Having This Problem?


If you live in Yardley, Oxford Valley, Doylestown, etc, you know that the snow came fast and furious and there is still several inches laying in your yard.


  • Now, there’s a warm spell moving in for a few days, bringing rain with it…and this leads to a wet disaster in your basement.


Older homes in the are are especially at risk, so are some of the new homes built in developments, where drainage is often not great.


How We Help You


We can help de-flood and dry out your home by:


  • Getting the water out of your home safely
  • Fixing the cracks where the water is entering the home
  • Putting in better drainage (if needed)
  • Fixing the cause of the problem (if this isn’t done, the problem will happen over and over again)
  • We can also clean up any mess or damage that the flooding left behind


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