Basement Flooding Fix Oaks PA

Water in the Walls of This Oaks, PA Basement Lead to Cracks, Flooding, and Water Damage


Water could be seeping into your basement (and foundation) walls ever time it rains. 

Some home owners dislike admitting this, but the reality is that no matter if your home was just built or has been around for a hundred years… 

Doesn’t matter if your home sits on a cinderblock, cement, stone, terra cotta, or brick foundation…

When it rains water settles into he ground around your home. If you don’t have excellent drainage, that water causes the ground around your basement/foundation to swell. Over a short period of time, that swelling creates enough pressure (hydrostatic) to weaken and crack the outer walls

With even the smallest cracks, water pushes it’s way inside. 

Because rain water is highly corrosive, this water weakens your basement walls. This is how flooding happens. 

Check out this short video of our waterproofing crew drilling “weep holes” into the wall of this Oaks PA basement…

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