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Basement is Flooded, Damp, or Wet After Rain Storms?

If your basement floods when it rains (or snows), you need to have it fixed as soon as possible by a professional.

But, what do you do in the immediate aftermath of a flooding? 

First, know that any time your basement floods, there is a legitimate risk of electrical problems. Do NOT go into the basement to assess damage. If any electrical appliances or outlets have become wet, the risk of electrocution is great.

  • If you can turn off your home’s main power supply from outside of the basement, do so.
  • If you smell gas, get out of your house right away and call emergency services.
  • Avoid going into the basement because flooding and rain water can have harmful bacteria. This can make you very sick, very quickly.

Why Did Your Basement Flood?


Flooding can be caused by water coming in through the basement walls or floor. Any crack or hole, even small ones, can allow water to get into your home.

Water can also force it’s way in through openings in or around your basement windows, around doors, or through a backed-up basement floor drain.

 Flooding is never ok

Even a small amount of water in the basement when it rains is a warning sign that your home has structural damage.

Your yard can become flooded because the soil has poor drainage. The ground around your house will swell, putting pressure on the walls and floor of the foundation. This will quickly lead to cracks and leaks.

If you see water trickling into your basement, even a small amount, you need to call for professional help.


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