Why Is My Basement Drain Gurgling?

Is the drain in your basement making a bubbling or gurgling sound?


Usually, this means that you have a problem in the pipes or deep within the drain.

How Often Does Your Basement Get Wet?


If your basement floods or gets wet often, it will have to drain. When it does, the drain can build up

Exterior Drainage fully installed.

Exterior drainage pipe covered with stone, fully installed.

sediment, dirt, small pieces of cement, etc. These will back up the drain and damage the pipes under the home.

The same is true for your yard. If the ground around your home floods when it rains, and this is common because only one inch of rain on an average sized yard is equal to several thousand pounds of water, this can overwhelm both your basement, and any drainage you have in your yard.

The gurgling noise happens when these clogs occur because air comes up from main drain, gets trapped in the pipes and bubbles up, looking for the closest way out (the opening of the drain). This can make it sound like it is bubbling up or gurgling.


If left untreated, the problem can go from a simple, annoying noise to burst pipes, damaged foundation, flooded basement, and major damages to your pipes.


What to Do to Fix the Problem


First, you should address why your basement is flooding or getting water so often as this is a sign of big problems to come.


  • We can help you diagnose and fix the water problem. If you allow the problem to continue, the foundation of your home will weaken and break.
  • Yard drains may be the answer for you, click here to learn more


Also, the drain in your cellar will continue to clog and make the gurgling sound as long it has to keep draining water.


  • Do not attempt to snake the drain or pour harsh chemical cleaners in it. The blockage may be located deep within the pipes. Snaking the drain can push the clog further into the pipe network.


Chemical drain cleaners are corrosive and can weaken and destroy pipes.


  • Next, we can clean out the blockage and clear the drain-trap and pipes so that water can again (this will allow water to drain and can keep the pipes under the home from bursting – a huge and expensive problem)


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