Basement Door Types

Need to Add a New Basement Door?

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There are a few types to choose from. Picking out the one that best fits your home is key to saving time, money end effort. 

1. Bilco Doors


Bilco door basement entrance

New Bilco door installation in NJ.

Bilco style doors are one of the most common types of basement doors. They’re usually made of steel, wood or a hard rubberized plastic and are very durable.

They are usually put on top of stairs leading to your basement. They are secure because they can be locked from the inside and outside.

2. Wood and Glass Doors

These are much like the doors you’d put on your porch, leading to your deck or in your garage. They’re made of durable, tough wood and glass. They have to be put at the bottom of a stair way.

Wood and glass basement doors can add greatly to the look of your home but they are less secure than Bilco. Also, make sure you select an outdoor-style door. Doors made for in the home will not stand up well to rain, snow, hot and cold.

3. Metal Doors, French Doors

These doors are just like the ones you’d put in your home but are made to last outside.

They are best used on basements that can be reached from ground level (leading to a staircase) or at the bottom of the steps.

They add beauty to your home but are also less secure than Bilco.


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