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Need a New Basement (Egress) Door Installed in the West Chester PA Area?


We can help you!

Adding a new basement door can help add::

  • Storage (much easier to bring in furniture, boxes, appliances, etc. through an outside door than dragging it through your house and then down the cellar stairs…much safer, too)
  • Home Office (a private access door to your home office is convenient. If you work odd hours and don’t want to disturb your family, you can easily and quietly go in and out through your new door)
  • Apartment or Living Area (whether you are renting or just moving a family member into your finished basement, the privacy that an outer door provides is priceless)




Bilco door basement entrance

New Bilco door installation in PA

In most areas, West Chester included, if your basement is being used as a living area in any way (even if it is as simple as an entertainment center or home gym), you must, by law, have an outside entrance and an egress window.

This is done for safety reasons. If your home has a fire, there needs to be two ways out of the basement.


A new door and egress window takes care of this.


And, because of the wide selection of door and window types, it can also make your home more beautiful.

You can add doors that are:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Steel
  • Wood
  • Wood and glass
  • French Doors
  • Bilco style
  • Reinforced for extra security


West Chester Basement Door Installation Service

We can install new doors in your basement. Even if you’ve never had a door or egress windows, we can put them in for you.

  • You can choose from a wide variety of styles and materials and we will do our best to customize a solution that is perfect for your home.


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We offer basement door and egress window installation in West Chester, Philadelphia, Easton, Exton, Doylestown, Harrisburg, York, and the entire Philadelphia region including NJ and Delaware.


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