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3 Reasons to Have a Professional Basement Clean Out in Your West Chester PA Area Home

The thought of cleaning out your basement (or garage) probably does not fill your heart with excitement. Let’s face it, if the junk has been piling up in your basement for a while, cleaning it is going to be a long, dirty, physically demanding and boring job.

Well, you don’t have to break your back or spend hours cleaning up a dusty (and possibly moldy) area. We can do it for you!


Here are 3 huge benefits of having a pro do the job for you:


1. Fire Hazard and Flooding Damage

If your basement is packed with boxes and assorted things to the point where moving around is difficult, it is a fire hazard.


Cleaned out basement in West Chester PAEven if the area is not bad enough to making moving through the cellar difficult, just having an excess of boxes, pictures, clothes, etc. can cause a real risk of fire.


If you are lucky enough to never have a fire in your home, you can’t forget the risk of a small leak, dampness or flooding destroying what you have stored in the basement. Just a little water can destroy furniture, clothing, books and photo albums. Flooding will surely destroy it all, quickly.

We will clear out the area for you and help you organize so that all trash is safely removed and your things are places so that they will not pose a fire risk nor be ruined by moisture and water. This is a must for safety and can save you money and heartache…some things, like photo albums, are just irreplaceable.


2. Unhealthy Mold Growth

Most basements are humid and get damp. Dampness (or moisture) will cling to organic materials and attract mold. Things like cardboard boxes, books, clothing, curtains, carpets and furniture are all breeding grounds for mold.


  • Mold is extremely unhealthy. It poses a serious health risk for your family, especially small children and pets.


The spores that mold uses to reproduce get into the air of your basement and is then circulated through the air in your main home, where you and your family breathe it in, causing health problems like sinus allergies, breathing problems, skin rashes, migraine headaches, and other more serious problems.


  • Cleaning up the organic materials and getting rid of the moisture (we are mold removal experts) can help your family stay safe and keep your basement from attracting mold.


3. Increases Living Space

A clean, organized basement increases your living space. The more area that is clear of trash and boxes, the more area you have to use as living areas. For example, cleaning out a bunch of junk to make room for a nice couch and a big screen TV so that you and your family can use it as an entertainment area.


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