How To Avoid Bad Contractors

All industries have a few bad apples, but it seems that contractors (of all kinds) have a higher than normal reputation for being rip offs.


Unfortunately, in the basement services world, the bad apples spoil it for all of us, both service providers and customers.


  • But, there are ways to avoid being ripped off. Check out the top 3 red flags to look for so that you save yourself a lot of money and headaches the next time you have to hire a contractor:


1. If They Market Door to Door, Send Them Packing

More than ever, marketing door to door is seen as an invasion of privacy. There are a million news stories about home invasions that started with someone pretending to sell something or be a service provider.

Contractors should know better than to be so invasive!

Yes, it’s a free method of getting the word out about their business, but, that’s a warning sign right there. If they’re not willing to invest a bit in their own business, how can you trust the quality of their work?


2. Ask for All the Money Up Front?


This should be written on billboards.

Countless people have been taken in by this ploy…

Never pay for the whole job up front!

A deposit is fine, so is financing, but make sure you don’t pay everything before the work is completed. Writing a check is also a good idea since you have both a paper trail and a way to cancel payment, if needed.


3. “We Have Leftover Material, So We’ll Give You a Great Deal”


This is another common rip-off ploy.

If the contractor offers you too good to believe savings because they have “leftover materials from another job,” chances are they’re scamming you.

Really, if any savings sound too good…be very, very skeptical. Err on the side of caution, especially if you’re dealing with a huge job like remodeling, adding a basement or kitchen, or waterproofing your cellar.


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